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Taobao’s iPhones getting cheaper on Unicom policy shifts

China Unicom changes its iPhone plan offerings

On April 14, China Unicom shifted its iPhone plans eliminating their most popular free-iPhone-with-contract plan and adding a super discount plan. They also started selling iPhones without a contract: 4,999rmb for a 16GB phone. Analysis in Chinese

Taobao’s iPhone price drops 10 ~ 20%

I was planning choosing Unicom’s popular free-iPhone plan, but after they closed that option I was left reconsidering my options. Thankfully, iPhone prices on Taobao began sinking. You can now find the 16GB iPhone 4 for about 4200rmb to 4400rmb. All without a contract commitment.

My choice was Feichang

I ended up choosing Feichang Shouji 非常手机 for an unlocked Hong Kong iPhone and paid 4420. These guys have many shops around China and I hear that they offer excellent service if you need your firmware scrubbed or your settings tweaked.

Did I make the right choice?

In light of today’s China Unicom offerings, does it still make sense to buy an unlocked iPhone?

iPhone from Feichang – 4430rmb
All iPhones – various prices

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