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Taobao Helps Defeat Your Husband’s Mistresses


You have just seen an incriminating text message on your husband’s phone

You suspect – no you know – that he is having an affair. What can you do? Where can you turn in this difficult and confusing time?

Taobao can help

Or specifically, Professor Song can help. Professor Song teaches in the Psychology Department at Zhongshan University. And he also councils the romantically entangled part time with his storefront on Taobao.  For 299rmb (about $50) you can chat on Taobao’s IM system “Wangwang” with Professor Song for 1 hour. Or sign up for ongoing counseling at $2600 for a 3-month package.



Caption translation: defeat the mistress // you ask, we deliver

Professor Song has counseled more than 3000 troubled souls, and offers two main services. Relationship counseling and specifically mistress issues is the most popular service, followed by career counseling. And he offers more than emotional stress management:

(Paraphrased from service description:) “our services are not only to enlighten, comfort, or relieve stress, it is not only emotional talk and relationship analysis, we provide a customized professional solution to restore your emotions! We aim to help restore your relationship and save your love.”


Don’t wait – defeat your enemy mistress today

Professor Song’s Counseling Services



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  • Fuck you said:

    Such a fantastic idea. The girl has a broken heart and then you decide to take her money by scamming her. Psychologically, you need to be a complete demon to create such a retarded idea. I have a better solution… For 299 RMB. I have the opportunity to punch your face and take my anger out on you for giving me psychological rage from reading this advertisement

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