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Taobao Caters: Ordering Frozen Meats Online

That looks good

Okay you have the grill. Now you need the meat. And Taobao is ready to help. Food is huge on Taobao. You can get a bunch of stuff, super cheap. All of these foods come freeze-dried or frozen, and will require cooking. Try to order local – the shops will probably deliver themselves, freezer-to-freezer.

chicken wings

Chicken Wings

I have no idea how much food costs, and I don’t want to know. When the waitress comes to me with the check at the end of a meal, I don’t look at it. I just give her my card and a wink.

Is 50rmb a good deal for 1kg of chicken wings? I have to assume so.

muslim meat

More Meat

While chicken wings dominate Taobao, there are some other meats to be found. If your favorite Xinjiang street vendor just got pushed off his corner, you can try to imitate at home.

Lamb – 4rmb for 40grams


That steak looks good. It comes pre-flavored with black pepper sauce.

Steak – 120grams for 8.8rmb


Most of these meats come pre-flavored. But for an extra 10rmb, you can buy some spices. Just put them in a small mound next to your bbq and everyone will be impressed.  Touch the surface of the meat as it’s cooking and taste it. Shake your head, take a pinch from the spice mound, and dust it over the meat.

jumex spices

Just type in the brand Jumex and you will find what you need. Everything they make will probably taste good on meat.


  • Jan said:

    Hmmm, I just wonder, how do they deliver these frozen meet packages? I am not really sure the cooling chain doesnt get interrupted… 🙂 and i cant believe that deep frozen steak tastes any good… but it is definetaly cool to have the possibility to try it out!

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    I think that these are basically restaurant distributors who have taken their business online. They show up pretty decently packaged, I think.

    taobao frozen meat

  • CT said:

    Looking at the box and the reviews, the router only has 802.11b and g, not n. Got terrible reviews on amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001V72S06/ref=asc_df_B001V72S061097453?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&linkCode=asn&creative=380341&creativeASIN=B001V72S06&tag=cnet-3288-20

    Has anyone actually set up this router to share a VPN? How’s it working?

  • Laurence said:

    I there,

    Thanks so much for this website.. you guys have done such a great job making Taobao a much more fun tool to use!!!
    I just want to go back to one of your earlier posts on Itunes cards.. turns out when you type Itunes in taobao, nothing comes up… but plenty of things available for itunse! Hahaha.. just wanted a bit of advice in buying some credit, as despite using Google translater, I didn’t understand everything.
    A) Is all this credit good for us accounts or only chinese accounts
    b) I kind of understood that the currency is 1 to 1 so if you want 50 us, you pay 50rmb, but how does the actually credit appear. Will the 50us$ appear in your itunes, so you can then use freely, or do they have to download what you want for you.. this is the part that is unclear to me..

    Thanks in advance, and keep on going.. love this website, and the great shopping ideas :o)

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