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Escort Honeys to Safety with a Tactical Umbrella

What kind of umbrella are you using?

If you are in Shanghai these days, chances are you are getting wet. Maybe you have a sweet deluxe umbrella, like the light-up model we talked about before. But if you are still using one of those little subway-stop specials, you had better get real, and gear up.

From now on, everything I buy is going to be ‘tactical’

You can type in any word into Taobao and come up with sweet treasure. Today my word is ‘tactical’ and it has led me to learn about 5.11 Tactical brand products.


What is a tactical umbrella?

I got no clue.  I guess my tactics for not getting wet involve staying out of the damn rain. Maybe Taobao can provide some deeper insight about how to use this.

511 tactical umbrella3

Tactic 1: use it to escort honeys to safety

For best results, deploy when it’s not actually raining.

511 tactical umbrella

Tactic 2: use it during a gunfight with some friendly dudes

Look out! They might have water pistols. Are you convinced that this is the umbrella for you? Act now and stay dry.

5.11 Tactical Umbrella – 50rmb

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