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Step Correct: Shoe Dryers to Keep You Clean’n’Crackin’

Puddles: China’s Hidden Threat

Hey Rockstar. I see you walking into the office with those wet feet. Damn! Looks like it got all the way up to your knees! 

Yeah, hidden puddles can be pretty ruthless. And China’s constant construction and relaxed attitude towards Warning signs, means that new hidden puddles can emerge at any time, only to suck your favorite shoes down. And what are you gonna do when they’re all wet? It’s not like they will dry on their own – not in the humid seasons.  

If those Chinese brand rain boots are not your thing, you should at least pick up one of these cheap little shoe dryers. 


Fresh Stepin’

The hidden magic of these things comes in the winter, when you start using them even when your shoes aren’t that wet. Like a blanket fresh from the dryer, your shoes get toasty warm, giving you a good first step out the door in the morning. 


Syles to suit every disposition

Shoe dryers are one of these products that are super easy to make, and therefore they come cheap, and in a huge variety of styles. If you are all business, go with these Robocop-inspired models:


These one have inspired me to restart my DIY robot obsession. This is going to be a breakdancing model, built from the feet up.

Shoe dryers – 10rmb and up

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