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Steel Pocket Subway Maps of Chinese Cities

Urban Ninjas Only

If you are a master Ninja-About-Town, you will want to equip one of these in your adventure kit.  Stainless steel construction ensures that you could use it as a throwing weapon, if need be.

stainless steel shanghai subway map

Not only does it let you know where you are going, but it can also double as an emergency mirror for peeking around corners.

stainless steel subway map see around corners

Available for major Chinese cities

If you live in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing or Hong Kong, you need to pick one of these up for your wallet or risk the danger of being caught lost.

stainless steel shanghai subway map 3

Live for 2010

Last year’s fashion was to have multiple credit cards prominently displayed in the wallet. This year, it will be the stainless steel subway map. Stay ahead of the game and order yours today.

Steel Pocket Subway Maps of Chinese Cities ~70rmb


  • Micah Sittig said:

    Awesome, but 超级 not seeing the point. These things will go out of date in months. I think plastic is just about right.

  • Andreas said:

    I would like to etch something different on one of these cards. Any idea if you can get that on taobao?

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Hi there Andreas, I am afraid there is no such item. For such things you may have slightly better luck on Alibaba. But I was also unable to find it there =\

    But you must tell me what you wanted to etch!

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Update – maybe these guys can help?
    dog tag

    Or these guys?

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Uh-oh, laobanniang is obsessed now. Custom laser etching in 3D.
    more dog tags from laobanniang

  • Andreas said:

    Wow, thanks!

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