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Spykee – Taobao’s Best Robot

Finally a badass robot

Those other robot toys just make me mad that robot technology is still so lame. Once I discovered this, I realized that humanity still had hope for a robot-assisted future. 


Fully featured

It’s Wi-Fi remote controlled and has an on-board camera. Just like a bomb-squad robot,  but it’s not really into touchin stuff. It does have some kinda lights and sound capabilities. And it has motion-detection capabilities. And a microphone with VoIP so you can talk through it. All I hear when I read that back is good for remotely tormenting cats. 


The reviews over on the Amazon product page is that the Spykee actually sucks. But I refuse to accept that. Oh yeah, and you can buy it on Taobao.


Spykee Robots – 2500rmb

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  • lambaa said:

    where in beijing is it? i’d like to see this thing….

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