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Stay Cool with Solar Power Fan Hats

Handheld Cooling Units

Are you guys hip to the mini handheld electric fan? You should be. It is the only reason I can manage Shanghai’s summers. I don’t understand why everyone I see on the street isn’t using one.


They are amazing. Life-changing, even. But… they do require a hand to hold them. And when I’m trying to eat some baozi on my morning commute, it’s just too much to handle.


That’s why I was considering this solar-powered fan hat. But there was something holding me back from making the leap to a hat-mounted lifestyle. The fashion is just totally not proper for a gentleman of my standing. I mean, look at that exposed wire. Sloppy work. I mean, I don’t wanna look like a dumbass!

And then I saw this:


Oh damn! I feel like I just got an education in style. Sunglasses, hat and fan. All in one package. (Click through here on that one for more awesome pictures of that kid.)

The only problem is that I already have a super cute pink visor that I like to wear. Is there any way to retrofit it with the latest in fan technology?


That’s the one! This clip-on model works with any firm-brimmed hat. It’s solar-powered and looks totally sweet. Not only am I going to buy one. I am going to corner the market, because this is gonna be the next big thing.


  • fredo said:

    did it ever occur to you, dude, that the brand is MO!!!

  • Stevo said:

    The hat/sunglasses/fan combo is all the rage with my Grade 1 students. I may confiscate one to try it out.

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Oh man, those kids know how to rock it. What styles are most popular? Ultraman seems to be pretty hot. But I also saw a model with Lambchop on it. Didn’t seem like a likely choice! Do kids here know about Lambchop?

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