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本裁 ‘simplecut’ brand clothing from Beijing

China’s Simplecut Fashion Label

Reader Veronique just gave us a hot Field Report on simplecut – a small homegrown Chinese fashion label.

simplecut red jacket

I won’t embarrass myself by trying to speak on women’s fashion. But I can tell you that the clothes are purrty. As is their model girl. She’s got those classic good looks, which I don’t usually go for, but she adds 10 cups of smile and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

simplecut weird grey sweater

simplecut large

And their photos would make much better postcards than whatever is currently sold in the Forbidden City gift shop.

simplecut china fashion flag taobao

Of course, these kids are from Beijing, just like all good Chinese fashion. I wonder how she managed to change clothes in the Forbidden City so many times.

Clothing suitable for desert excursions

That settles it. I am going to quit my job and join a Beijing art school. These kids take the best field trips.

simplecut grey hoodie

simplecut in the desert


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