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Shop Taobao for the Best Hainan Hotel


Ocean-view Balcony for 100rmb/Night 

Chinese people really aren’t that into the beach. That’s great news. Because if they were, then there would be much more demand for these fantastic beachside hotels, and they would quickly get much more expensive.  Luckily, Sanya’s Dadonghai beach is oversupplied with great accommodations at a very cheap price. Some of these are condos that have been converted into hotels. And many are just footsteps from the sand.

Taobao is a great place to shop for hotel rooms

While there are other websites built specifically for arranging hotels, the Taobao template is a very good way to get a great room at a reasonable price. Good listings will have generous photo tours of the facilities, and you can use WangWang chat to ask questions and make sure that you get the perfect booking.

Book early and always go for the best balcony

If you want to max your relax, you should book a room with a good balcony. Breakfast on the balcony is probably my favorite part of the Hainan experience. Get a good selection of local fruits, some coconut-coffee powdered drink and those thin crispy pancake pastries. Fantastico. 


A Hainan Hotel – 100-200rmb


  • Jenn said:

    Hi, these instructions are great until you get to the payment side of things.

    How do you get a password? What is the password connected to?
    To your taobao account or to your credit card, or chinese bank account?


  • laobanniang said:

    Hi Jenn, You need to register to Taobao & Alipay to buy and pay stuff on Taobao. The password to Taobao does not connect to your bank account. For instructions on how to do this, please read our guides.

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