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Science Fair-Inspired Solar Generators


A Responsible Thing to Do

Our planet is under constant threat. No, not by global warming — I’m talking about the threat of a zombie uprising. When the day comes, you will want to make sure to be fully prepared to hunker down and wait it out. That means stocking up on food and supplies. And if you are really a cunning person, a solar generator.

Low Voltage

The systems, consisting of a solar panel and a box to plug appliances into, looks like it was built in Doc Brown’s laboratory. But don’t expect this thing to deliver 1.21 Gigawatts. The biggest one, coming in at just under 3000rmb, is said to be able to power a small refrigerator, or other smaller appliances.


Until these things can handle a kongtiao, I don’t think they’ll be making a dent in my electric bill. But better versions might not be possible until these beta models get some traction.

Solar Power on Taobao 400 – 2,000rmb

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