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Robot Invasion! – DIY Robots on Taobao

Science has failed us

In 1985, there was a little robot buddy in every movie. Not just Star Wars and Short Circuit. Movies like Rocky 4 had a robot. My 4-year-old mind started making plans.

When I got my robot, what would we do together? We’d probably practice tons of kung-fu or something. Maybe I’d get two robots: one to stop trouble.. and one to make trouble.

Then I forgot about robots for a long time

But robots are still totally sweet. This mindless walking robot at 300rmb is probably my favorite.


If you think that you are man enough to hang with a badass robot that can get you a beer from your refrigerator, check out this 1700rmb monster. Warning: extensive assembly and programming knowledge required.  


This one is pretty sweet too. It has colored buttons for some reason.



If you don’t think you can hang with a badass robot, you can get this lame little walking robot for about 80rmb.


If you want something that is not quite as rad as the monster, but not quite as lame as the bug, you can check out more robots here.

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