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Rent A Buddhist Karma Candle on Taobao For Only 10rmb

Bad karma on the eCommerce interwebs?

While buying stuff on Taobao is the ideal, perfect form of human activity, it is not without its pitfalls. Taobao shops out-of-stock on your treasure, kuaidi delivery guys calling you from the wrong address, and dreadful browser security plugins…

Such things happen to all unenlightened humans occasionally. And sometimes they happen all at once. When you find that your luck is on a particularly bad streak, it might be a karma problem.

All the candles your karma can handle

Bookmark this Taobao shop for when you are having one of those days. Place an order with the Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Hangzhou and they will light a candle for you for Buddha to gaze upon in contemplation of your karma.
Link the name to the shop

For only 10rmb a day you can get a special Buddha candle lit for you. I know what you’re saying… one day won’t be enough to fix this mess! Well you’re in luck. They also offer a year-long package for a special price of 1,800rmb. So much good fortune at such a low price! They are practically giving it away.

It’s such a sweet deal at 10rmb a day. Why wouldn’t you do it?

Have a Chinese Buddhist Temple Light an Auspicious Candle for you – 10rmb

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