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Rent a Beijing Girl on Taobao


Cool Stuff to Buy

This might be the coolest of our Cool Stuff to Buy. Meet Chen Xiao. She used to sell cosmetics on Taobao.  After getting bored with that, she decided to sell herself. Or at least rent herself out, 8 minutes at a time.

“I want to change my lifestyle”

“…so I’ll let you plan the rest of my life.”  It sounds like the setup for a movie. Cue the montage of her performing her various errands around Beijing, backed by Donna Summer singing “She Works Hard for the Money.”

Her whimsical plea has attracted some interesting assignments. For example, some of her past contracts have had her deliver coffee, buy train tickets, and take photographs at various locations around Beijing.?In fact, the only restrictions she sets are on ‘sexy or violent activities’.

Taobao for Crowdsourcing

Starting at just 8rmb for 8 minutes of service, her rates ramp up to 100rmb for the whole day. That still seems like a pretty good deal. She keeps a regular schedule, splitting her time between working online and going out on assignment. This could be a good option for your personal assistant in Beijing. Chen Xiao’s Remaining Life Shop – 陈潇的剩余人生店

If you need some assistance outside of Beijing, Taobao has plenty of people and companies selling similar types of services.

Running errands 跑腿

chen xiao still doing stuff

What is Taobao and why does it have so much cool stuff to buy?

Check out all the Cool Stuff to Buy, and contact one of our expert Taobao Assistants to help you buy cheap Taobao stuff from outside of China. You will be  a happy camper!

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