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Prototype Transformer Toys Leak on Taobao


Action Figures, Still Rad

A little while ago, we went undercover for the Terror Drome to scope out some freekin sweet GI Joe action figures, which had leaked out on Taobao ahead of their official release date. This is our favorite kind of story, so we were excited to see Transformers nerds find some of their own precious cargo hit the interwebs.

Now with Extra Class

According to the toy nerds: this new specimen is no ordinary action figure, but a deluxe class action figure based on the Transformers 2 movie.  The robot is identified as Ironhide who –  if I remember correctly from the movie –  spazed out shot lasers and stuff.

badass transformers leaked toys

Not Only Do You Get a Robot…

That badass robot you see will change its appearance – some may say transmorph – into this cool truck. That is truckin’ rad!

badass transformers leaked toys2

I really wish that Taobao was the source of more of these kinds of leaks. You never know – there may be brand-name prototype floor mops and umbrellas being leaked all the time, but without the investigative power of a rabid fan base to uncover them. Thanks to the meganerds at Tformers.com for bringing these things to light!

More than meets the eye – 600rmb

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