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Prep for the Shanghai Eclipse with Eclipse Glasses

Shanghai’s Eclipse Fever!

Everybody here in the eclipse belt is buzzing about the imminent solar eclipse. The stars and the moon will align, and all will be harmonious. While I will be knee-deep in goat’s blood, carrying out a pagan eclipse ritual, most people will be staring up at the sun like deer in the headlights.

solar eclipse glasses kid

I See All

You will want to pick up some of these sweet commemorative eclipse glasses. Luckily there are many flavors of glasses depending on your style. If you want to go for an X-Files, mystical look, try on these.

eclipse glasses

It Burns

If you want your glasses to say: ‘my eyes are on fire’ try these.

costume eclipse glasses

Special Forces

By far the most popular style is this nationalistic camo pair. I am a big supporter of anything camo.

camo glasses

Serious Safety

If you are serious about protecting your eyes, go with a deluxe pair, with tiny eyeholes. This girl is so serious about safety, she doesn’t even look up towards the ecliplse.

serious eclipse glasses

Solar Eclipse Glasses – about 20rmb

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