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Pleco – The Perfect Chinese-Learning Tool

Pleco is the best Chinese-learning thing ever

If you are learning Chinese, you absolutely need to get the Pleco software dictionary.  It has a great interface which lets you find words fast and save them for flashcard study later.

Available for Palm and Windows Mobile

They just released the Pleco 2.0 recently, which offers some neat features. But I think the best deal right now is the Palm version Pleco 1.0, which you can get for as little as $40 USD. But you’ll need a machine to run it.


Treos on Taobao

The Palm Treo 650 – the model which I have happily used for 3 years, is a steal on Taobao today. You can pick one up for about 700rmb. Even if you already have a phone, this is probably the most useful Chinese-learning tool available.

Treos are sweet little machines, but they do break. Suggest getting from this guy, who has a 48-hour test and return policy and a 7-day exchange policy.

The Treo 650 at 660rmb

The Treo 650 in matte black (shown here) at 700rmb

The Treo 680 at 890rmb

Consider adding one of these sweet little battery chargers to keep around the office. And extra styli are a must.

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