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Obama’s secret new email address

President Obama is keeping his Blackberry, and his new email address has become the ultimate status symbol in Washington. Reports say that his new email address is only known to the VP, Chief of Staff, Obama’s top advisers and some of his oldest friends from Chicago.

Being from Chicago, I like to think of Barack as one of my homeboys. But for some reason, I did not receive the his new email address. That’s alright, I don’t take offense. And I think I might have figured out what his email address is anyway.


That’s the one. I’m 99% sure. How do I know?

I was searching for Obama merch on Taobao, China’s largest online marketplace. That’s when I ran across an offer for obama@ email addresses on China’s most popular domain names. Surprise, surprise. Two of them were taken.


Judging from this, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Barack chose either obama@126.com or obama@sogou.com. What is unclear is if Barack paid the 100rmb ($14) ransom that this shop was charging, or if he just took them by executive order.

Only for cool dudes

If you want one of the remaining obama@ email addresses, you better make sure that you are up to the challenge. It says here that these email addresses are: ‘for the top togs’  牛人情用. I was thinking about buying obama@163.com for myself, but I don’t know if I can live up to that kind of responsibility. I guess I should stick with one of the “Obama is my homeboy” shirts also being sold on Taobao.


China loves Obama

Right now, China’s online shopping websites are flooded with Obama products. Xinhua News says that you can find 8,000 Obama products on Taobao. That includes Obama branded hats, shoes and cough masks.

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