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NLGX Brand Clothing Loves China’s Recycled Design

Homegrown China Styles

Once again, the superstar design minds in Beijing have generated a great clothing brand. NLGX draws its inspiration from the distinct flavors of China. They bring together the coolest bits of found design. Anything you buy here today is certain to become your favorite nostalgic item in a few year’s time.

buchai hat

Recycled Blue and White Bianzhidai Bags

Not only does NLGX use some of China’s best recycled iconography, they also use recycled materials from China’s signature sights. Like those blue-and-white-striped bianzhidai bags that are a common sight at the train station.  Those bags carry the hopes and dreams of migrant China on their voyage into the big cities. Re-purposed for your essentials.

Recycled Magazine and Newspaper Bags

Military themed magazines always catch my eye on the China newsstands. This one makes a formidable impression. Solid. Waterproofed newspaper lining completes the ultracool package.



Equipping the combatants of China’s biggest intercity rivalry, NLGX has created apparel and accessories to let you rep your city – lest anyone forget which side of the battle you’re on. (Shanghai, represent!)


Airport Fetish

Taking after my own heart, NLGX has an airport fetish. Airport and metro styling are right up my alley, and I’ve had my eye on this luggage-tag style T-shirt for a little while.  They have a big sale going on these days – I think it is time to make it mine.


NLGX on Taobao

pek tshirt mens womens

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  • Anonymous said:

    wow this is so great. It would also be a great gift for my friends in Canada. Instead of buying them an I love China t-shirt, I can buy one of these t-shirts or bags. Much more cool!!! I love the 折 hat.

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