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Nintendo DS Helps You Learn Chinese

You probably have at least some traveling, commuting, or waiting in line to contend with. Your mobile phone games are lame. So a DS is a good idea.

The Game that Teaches Chinese


Fun little training games are one of the DS’s strong suits, and a game called My Chinese Coach was released a few months ago. It is not a full-featured learning course, but has a handful of good interactive exercises that will be useful for helping beginner- and intermediate-level students remember words and tones. 

If you get some momentum with this training thing, you can also train your brain, your eyes (probably my favorite), and facial expressions.

Which Model DS to Buy?

There are currently two models out on the market (not counting the old ugly one). The DS pictured here, and a brand new DSi released in Japan which has some added features like a camera. 

If you are new on the DS scene, it is my recommendation to pick up the standard DS and not the DSi. It usually takes about two years for the game developers to figure out cool stuff to do with the new features (see the facial expressions link above for an example of what they are doing so far). With the standard DS, you already have a lengthy back catalog of great games to explore. And you’ll save a bit of money. 

The one linked here has all the accessories you need, including the R4 card, a 7-day unconditional exchange and a one year repair warranty. 

A Nintendo DS – 1120rmb



  • Swiss James said:

    Hey that’s a coincidence, I just bought a Nintendo DS for myself.

    Price was pretty much the same, the only game I was really bothered about was the Korg DS-10 synthesizer one, but this Chinese coach one looks cool too.

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Hey I’ve tried that Korg synthesizer out. Not much success with it, though. Have you made anything cool with it yet?

    I’ve always been more of a Fruity Loops guy myself. But my skills rank somewhere between ‘wack’ and ‘sucka DJ.’ Maybe this tutorial video set is what I need.

  • Swiss James said:

    I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Korg but haven’t recorded anything yet.

    The interface is a lot more natural than Fruity Loops for me, I guess I’ve used a Kaoss pad before so I like the X-Y touch screen interface. I’m planning to try and record something tonight so we shall see.

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Awesome. Be sure to post your recording on your blog. I’m really interested to see what that little beast can do.

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