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Nerd Alert! – Board Games in China

Serious Nerd-Bait

My friends introduced me to Settlers of Catan recently. It is some serious nerd fun. Rolling dice, gathering resources. Strategically building a road to nowhere just to block your friend’s road-building ambitions. I liked it a lot, and my Chinese friends became seriously obsessed.


Board games are catching on in China

This important fashion update 中文 says that killing-people video games 杀人游戏 are OUT, and board games 桌游 are IN.  Board game lounges are starting to spring up across China.  Among the initiated, these games become an addiction. And since most games require four or more players, they’ll often have to recruit new people into their kabal to continue playing.  This article talks about 12-hour overnight marathon sessions and women who neglect their small children to attend. Nerds be gettin’ out of control. 

Multilanguage support

If you are familiar with these kind of games, and want to introduce some Chinese friends, you are in luck. Many of the popular games, such as Catan come in Chinese.  So you can toss them the instruction manual and not have to worry about any late-stage “oh, that’s how you play” realizations. You will also be able to find boards in English or German. 

This guy offers 125 different board games. Most of them appear to be original German editions. Germany is, appearantly the origin of this brand of nerding. If you are looking for something specific, just search for it by name, and add 英, 中 or  to filter by language.

Settlers of Catan in English – about 300rmb

Board Games – 桌游

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