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nciku Merch Hits Taobao

Nciku is awesome!

If you are a technology-aware Chinese learner, then you definitely already know about nciku, the awesome online dictionary that has emerged as the de facto champion for online Chinese-English translation.

nciku polo shirts

nciku polo – 50rmb

Show some love for your favorite web apps

Finally those geniuses have put their so-familiar-it-might-as-well-be-my-homepage logo on some sweet merch to let your Google-Translate-using friends what’s really up.

nciku coffee mug

nciku coffee mugs – 9rmb

9rmb ain’t bad!

Everything is such a bargain! Now if only they will put their cool iphone app on the android, we would be all set. (Hint, hint nciku: port your iphone app to android please!)


nciku gift set

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