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Moleskine’s Beijing Special Edition Notebooks


Upgrade your notebook.

Choose the Beijing Special Edition.  It’s got street maps, subway maps and more stuff relevant to you. Also, there is a pouch in the back that fits a passport perfectly. (Hong Kong is also available.)

Makes a Classy Gift

Spending more on little things makes a great gift. Go ahead and buy a couple of these and hang on to them, and get some classy pens to go with ’em. At some point, you will be glad that you have them lying around to give to any birthdays that sneak up on you.  Or use it yourself and you’ll be remembering all those birthdays. That’s classy.

This Seller speaks English

He runs a website Moleskiner.cn dedicated to spreading Moleskine culture in China.  Check out their Flickr group, which has a pretty good collection of notebook art.
  • About Y150 each

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