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Meat Feast Fashion

An Apron of Authority

The number one most important thing about hosting a BBQ is letting everyone know that you are top-dog. To do that, you gotta have an apron. An apron screams “I am the barbeque man, and command respect.”

Your apron should be manly, but shouldn’t take itself too seriously. Like this checkedout brand cookwear.  I’ve Got Crabs Apron – 38rmb

checkedout crabs

Here is another strong choice. It is in German, and has a beer on it, which conveys all the right messages. Beer is Mien Friend Apron – 28rmb

beer is my friend

Don’t pass up on the chef’s hat. It’s only 13rmb.

chefs hat

Make sure your guests know who to go to for meat and who to go to for a freshenup on their mojito. Mojito Lime Apron– 35rmb

mojito apron

From classy to tacky

If you wanna go for that Screwball Uncle look. That’s good, because that stuff is even cheaper.  Homer Simpson Apron – 15rmb

homer apron

If you wanna be the Creepy Uncle, aprons are the canvas on which to paint your crazy.  Spencer Gifts Apron – 20rmb … and it only goes downhill from there.

tacky apron

Buy an Apron!

As you put the finishing touches on your big preparations, there is one thing that you should not forget – proper fashion. Because while your guests may remember the meat flavor all week, they will remember that you looked so damn good flippin’ those burgers for much longer.


  • fredo said:

    holy smoke!

    i always wanted to be a chef. I still pretend i cook good food actually. But with the chef hat i think i can fool anybody that i know what i am up to in the kitchen. great taobao find. STRIKE again!

  • Jian said:

    does the treo have handwriting recognition?

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