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May the Force be with 雨

Prepare for Rain

Whenever it rains in Shanghai, local entrepreneurs get a box of umbrellas and hit the streets, posting up at subway exits and office building doors. And they are cheap – 10 or 15 rmb. They are great – ensuring that you never stuck out in the rain.

But if you rely too heavily on that public safety net of cheap umbrellas, you will be stuck with a shelf full of shabby nylon and sharp, rusty aluminum. It’s a better idea to prepare ahead and get a couple nice umbrellas too.


Star Wars Style

When I was a kid, I would have cut off my right hand Luke Skywalker-style to get something like this. This LED umbrella is 100 times better than the lightsaber toy I had as a kid. When you get it, resist the urge to start swinging it around in battle…

…or go ahead give in to the urge – they’re only 80rmb.


(Don’t forget to make lightsaber noises.)

Seriously, though

Besides the obvious role playing benefits, the light can actually serve a practical purpose.  For example, it makes it much easier to meet up with someone. Or it can be a flashlight on those dark rainy nights, in the dark areas around your building.

Maybe you just want everyone to see how good you look! However, if you look all jacked up, you can also turn the light off and go incognito until it’s time for your next lightsaber duel.

Lightsaber Umbrella – About 80rmb

With Additional Handle Flashlight – 98rmb



  • elias said:

    i think, that is the coolest thing i have ever seen. ordering two tonight!

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Yeah they are pretty sweet. One more thing – it looks like there are several different models out there. Some are powered by AA batteries, while some are button-cell. I recommend making sure that yours are the AA kind!

  • scootergrrl said:

    ack! gimme gimme! This might just be my virgin Taobao purchase 8)

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