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Lamborghini Starts Selling on Taobao Mall

I have saved up all my Taobao VIP points…

I have saved up all my Taobao VIP points, and am thinking about what to buy. Being the Taobao Master Numero Uno, I have millions and millions of points, which can be used on most purchases to give me a cute little discount. And I think I know what I will spend them on. Will I be the first person in history to use a coupon on his purchase of a Lamborghini? Probably. But I won’t tell that to all the chicks I pick up. I’ll tell them that I paid extra, because paying extra is cool.

Millions and Millions

Don’t have millions of VIP points? You will have to pay cash. Prices range is between 4.5 million rmb and 6.9 million rmb.  They haven’t sold one yet (not in the official Taobao system, anyways) and probably never will.  It’s not exactly about that. Lamborghini is another in the long line of big brands to realize that to exist in the minds of the Chinese consumer, you need to be on Taobao.


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