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Japanese Home Building Kits


Levels? Yeah, I’m getting rid of all my furniture. All of it. And I’m going to build these different levels, with steps, and it’ll all be carpeted with a lot of pillows. You’re not gonna believe it when you see it.

Japanese Home Building Kits

Taobao has just educated me about how Japanese people build their awesome little homes. If you happen to be constructing a Japanese restaurant, or just want to maximize a tiny space, Japanese home-building kits will help you do it. When we are done, we will have something that looks like this, which can be used as a dining set, bed and living room.

japanese home building kit

The Base

That starts with a solid base foundation. Budget 400rmb to 700rmb per square meter. And expect to order several square meters.

japanese home building kit base

Not sure what kind of configuration you need? Just choose from this handy chart.

common configurations


You need to cover the whole top surface of the base with woven thatch panels. These are also not cheap. About 200rmb per square meter.

thatch styles

Mechanical Table Leg

Now for the good stuff. We need a mechanical table leg to raise the middle section for dining. If I had my druthers, I would install these things on every surface of my home, making trap doors and hidden panels everywhere. But for now I will have to be satisfied with one. It has a hand-crank and it’s 1100rmb.

mechanical leg panel

Add another 230rmb for the middel panel.

mechanical leg panel 2

Let’s Hide

Now we need some doors to hide our little area away from the rest of the house. It’s 650rmb.

japanese door

The paper, however, is seperate. It will cost you 180rmb.

japanese door papers

From my estimations, this project is going to cost about 6000rmb. Dude forget it! I’m gonna buy these awesome floating lights instead.

Japanese Home-Building Kits


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