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I Hate You: Chic Fashion Born in Beijing

tiled wall i hate you

Introducing I Hate You brand clothing

Actually, I Hate You has been on the scene for a little while. Their Taobao shop opened in November 2008. (And was first brought to my attention by my good buddy over at 56minus1.com in April). This intrepid little squad of art-school graduates is bringing a breath of fresh air to Taobao in the form of original clothing styles with generous fashion-photo examinations of each piece.

black and white i hate you

fluffy white dog i hate you

It’s from Beijing, right?

Like everything unique/alternative/creative in China, these guys are from Beijing. They make a limited run of these boutique styles, run all over Beijing taking photos and crystalize the essence of each item with a poem.

I have prepared for myself a pink lace dress jacket.
Small glittering high heels, mesh stockings. Black tie.
I just painted some very pretty lipstick.
We always are together, we naturally a pair.
Do you understand?

i hate you pink fishnet

That Girl

This girl seems to be at the center of it all. She was unavilable for Wangwang Chat – probably busy skipping through puddles for the photoshoot of her latest creation. It seems like she is having a lot of fun, even if not she’s making a lot of money. Her transaction records show only 51 sales so far, and she seems to be spending half that buying other clothes on Taobao.

this girl i hate you

How about supporting some of China’s creative youngsters?

I Hate You

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