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How to Pay Your Utility Bills on Taobao


Paying Your Bills is Now Even Easier

China already has an easy system for paying utility bills at convenience stores. But if you are like me, you too-often forget to take those bills out with you when you leave the house. So here is an even easier way to pay — via Taobao. You will need to have your bill in-hand.

Available Locations:

  • Shanghai: Water, Electricity, Gas
  • Hangzhou: Water
  • Beijing: Water, Electricity

Coming Soon

  • Hangzhou: Electricity, Gas
  • Tianjin: Water, Electricity, Gas
  • Chongqing: Water, Electricity, Gas

First steps

First click in to the utility bill-paying center in Alipay. You will see this menu:


As you can see, it defaults to Water. But you can also pay your electricity bill or your gas bill. Click on the little blue drop-down menu and it will give you the other options in that order: Water, Electricity, Gas.

The next menus are Province and City, and currently there are only two options, so this shouldn’t be a problem either. 

Your Utility Company

The long drop-down menu is your specific utility company name. You will need to match this with what’s on your bill. Shanghai, for example, has six water companies with similar names. Take a moment to compare.


Enter your bill number

Once you’ve chosen your company, a little image will pop up telling you where to find your billing number. Type in the billing number, and then type in the amount due and proceed.



Now it will ask you how you want to pay. If you are a devout follower of the Field Guide, you probably already have money on your account. So you will click the button circled here.


Next you will login to Alipay, and then you will see the normal payment procedures. Just enter your payment password and you are done!


Oh my god that was so boring. Time to look for something fun.

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