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How to Buy a Wii in China


The Wii is Cheap and Awesome

So what special considerations do we need to take when buying a Wii in China? Since China is not an official Wii market, the ones on sale here are a mix of imports from other regions. That means that the ones for sale here are unlocked – firmware scrubbed – to accept a wide variety of discs.


Make sure you get an English-ready model

The thing you need to avoid here is a Wii that was made for the Japanese market, because it will likely be in Japanese. When looking on Taobao, make sure to keep English 英文in your searches.

Get a Nintendo Wii on Taobao – 1500rmb

chinese wii

Wii Motion Plus

Word on the street is that this new thing – Wii Motion Plus – is the real deal. It adds a lot of accuracy to what the Wii’s motion detectors can pick up. Right now, people are saying that the new Tiger Woods game is great for demonstrating what this new technology can do. Golf was my favorite Wii Sport, so I am pretty pumped for it. Wii Motion Plus – 200rmb

wii motion plus

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