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How Chinese Gamers Access Pokemon Go with Taobao


Pokemon Go in China

Pokemon Go is not released in China, and probably never will be since it uses Google services which are blocked in the mainland. But with a combination of a VPN, a GPS-spoofing app, and Taobao, Chinese Pokemon fans are able to join in the fun. And as Tech in Asia notes, they are using the game to virtually invade Japan by taking over key Japanese landmarks. This photo posted on reddit shows a Japanese shrine dominated by a Pokemon with the nickname “Long Live China!”

pokemon go in china

How do Chinese gamers use Taobao to get their Pokemon?

Spending as little as 1 rmb ($0.15), gamers can get some help in downloading the app and creating a Google account. Taobao has many postings from vendors who will provide and Apple App store account enabling download, and a Google account enabling signing into the app. After that, users will need to jump through some VPN and GPS-spoofing hoops to actually get the game working.



Catch em All in Style

Once you got your Pokemon Go account all sorted out, it’s time to get in the mood with some Pokemon swag like this awesome Pokemon hat (35 rmb). And also don’t forget to pick up some plastic Pokeballs (up to 25rmb).



Pokemon Go on Taobao from 1 rmb

Pokemon  – 口袋妖怪 (kǒudài yāoguài, pocket monster)


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