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GTD-brand Notebooks Bring the Productivity Fetish to China

GTD comes to China

A long while back we reported on the cool dude who started his own Taobao business importing Moleskine notebooks and created the Chinese-language web community to evangelize the Moleskine lifestyle. Those still make a great gift.

gtd brand notebooks

But if your new years agenda includes the resolutions to be more productive and more frugal, this cool new Taobao shop might be more of what you’re looking for.

gtd memo pad

Complete GTD kits for cheap

GTD001.taobao.com is a Taobao shop that is near and dear to my heart. Not only did they create their own line of crazy-cheap notebooks, they give intensive instruction to teach productivity noobs how to step correct

gtd palm 2

Apparently this guy also likes the Palm 650 – which we also covered long ago, and is still an excellent choice for a super-cheap smartphone.  He also offers cool little GTD decision charts.

gtd tiger chart

Get yourself organized! Make some lists! Get Things Done!

GTD Brand Notebooks – from 16rmb

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