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Google Wave Invites Hit Taobao

The Wave Hits the Mainland

Yesterday I was invited to Google Wave by my good friend. Intending to pass on the good fortune, I told my TFG partner Laobanniang about it. But I spoke too soon, and quickly realized that I had no invites to give. “Bad luck, Laobanniang.”

wave chinese google

But she doesn’t take no for an answer. She soon appeared on my Google Wave friend list, and refused to reveal the source of her invitation. Only after a severe OMGWTFBBQ Google Wave attack did she tell.

You can buy a Wave Invite on Taobao

And they are cheap. She got hers for only 28rmb ($4 USD) – a far cry from eBay’s  $5,000USD high watermark.

wave invites on taobao china

Google Wave in China

Even in China, there is considerable interest in the new Goog products. China’s Google competitor Baidu is pretty lame in comparison to the steady stream of innovation that the Goog provides. Baidu’s best offshoot is zhidao, which is like Yahoo Answers.

Google Wave邀请


  • laobanniang said:

    Dear nerds, a reminder from Laobanniang. Don’t just go buy any items on Taobao that has the word “google wave 邀请(invitation)” in it. Many of them are just nominations, you’ll end up have to wait for days or weeks or even longer to actually get approved by google.

    Go for the ones with either of the following keywords: 直接注册(direct registration), 注册链接(registration link),立即开通(work immediately),or 无需等待(no need to wait). To do it even safer, Wangwang the seller before you buy, to make sure s/he still has invitations left.

    Happy waving~~! *^.^*

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Thanks nerd.

  • ysera said:

    insane… ur telling me i could sell my invites? LOL.

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