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GI Joe Collectors Find Leaked Toys on Taobao



Rouge R&D scientists are sneaking out top-secret Crimson Strike Team prototypes and selling them on the international black market. How? You guessed it: Taobao.

Factory leaks?

In anticipation of the upcoming GI Joe live-action movie, Rise of the Cobra, toy-collector supernerds are keeping track of any potential development on the action-figure scene. And they have found some interesting leads on Taobao. First in early February, there were sightings of new action figures for the new movie. The action figures were in-packaging and looked very clean and legit. Toy manufacturer Hasbro since asked that those images be removed from their fan website. That’s a pretty good indicator that they were the real deal.


Crimson Tomax

Now another figure has appeared that fans are speculating is a vintage-themed repaint of a figure from GI Joe’s Crimson Strike Team. I found that info on TheTerrorDrome.com, which is what I was going to call TaobaoFieldGuide before I discovered that the name was already taken.  The entire GI Joe universe seems to be full of great names.

Guides to torture your toys

If you are a fan of awesome guides, you can also check out their tutorials on how to boil the paint off your GI Joe’s for customizing, or cutting up the hands to get more articulation out of the fingers. These just seem like a good excuse to play out torture scenarios with your little toy friends. What sickos!


So the question remains

Is Taobao a not-so-secret conduit between rogue toy factory R&D staff and rabid superfans?


  • Dark 5cythe said:

    TaoBao Remains one of the best kept secret resources for fanboys and toy nerds. We uncovered many a movie Transformer character from upcoming toys posted on TaoBao!

    And sorry about the site name! x3

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Thanks for the Field Report, Dark 5cythe! So Taobao is a secret channel for toy factory leaks. The Field Guide will continue to report on these stories as they emerge. But first we have to decide on a cool undercover GI Joe codename…

  • D5 said:

    LOL yeah you need your own Code Name. Let me know if you ever want to change your account name at TD.

    Taobao has been a huge help to the Toy community where Toy companies have failed and tried to keep us in the dark.

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