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From now on, I want everything laser-etched

Laser-etched dog tags

Following from the last post, some people caught some laser-etching mania.  My partner laobanniang among them, found some really crazy stuff.

dog tag

A perfect Valentine’s day gift

Don’t have a dog? Me either. But I do have a girlfriend (the aforementioned laobanniang). So my plan is to get one of these customized with her image, and put on a cute dog collar.

dog tag2

Or maybe I get it with my image, if I am going to give it to her? I haven’t worked out all the details yet. But there is a really cute little gift in there somewhere.

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  • Tae said:

    First, thanks for mentioning nciku on your latest post!
    Much appreciated!

    Secondly, this is a great and informative site!
    Browsed through and found what I wanted to purchase for my dog!
    but.. no links!

    You should re-consider adding links to seller’s Taobao page…
    just a suggestion!

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