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Enter the Bruce Lee Megastore – Bruce Lee Weapons

Remember Bruce Lee

Every couple of years I remember just how badass Bruce Lee is. In the past, that meant a Bruce Lee movie marathon and a couple intimidating kung fu kicks in the mirror. This year I hit the jackpot, Taobao style. I found bruceshop.cn, a huge Taobao shop containing all things Bruce. Not just his movies. (If you are shopping at the Bruce Lee store, chances are you probably already have the complete DVD collection.)  Bruceshop’s catalog goes deep with books, weapons and even clothing to give yourself a full badass makeover.  Strap in – this is gonna get serious!

Fight Like Bruce Lee

Today we cover weapons – the weapons used by this kung fu legend to kick ass. We start with some beginners’ weapons. I think the official name for these are “bashin’ sticks.” They are not quite as cool as his trademark nunchucks, but there is a greatly reduced chance to smack yourself in the forehead. 168 rmb for these

Bruce Lee Signature Nunchucks

Trust me on this one – you need to match your nunchucks with the Bruce Lee outfit you are about to buy. Get them in wood or foam. Let’s start with foam – they are only 35rmb and will prevent you from accumulating the bruises.

Ornate Nunchucks

Bruceshop’s nunchuck selection is vast, perhaps even surpassing the selection of our favorite nunchuck fight club. Choose your sticks wisely. The gold inlay on these strikers make them an excellent choice. 350rmb

Electric Nunchucks

These are rare electric nunchucks from a Japanese Bruce Lee video game. Yes! In the tradition of crazy Japanese video games like Samba de Amigo (a game that came with maracas). These are expensive.

Bruce Lee Training Workshop

Bruceshop also carries a modest selection of training equipment. I recommend improving your Fists of Fury with these oversized novelty boxing gloves – increasing your handspeed and giving you maximum impact protection.  49rmb per pair.

Wooden Enemy Trainer

If you don’t practice your blocking, you will get a face full of fist in no time. You desperately need this wooden enemy trainer. Apart from blocking, it will also train your discipline, as you restrain yourself from hanging clothes on it. And if you are really cool and manly and want to keep a house that reflects this, this will also serve as excellent decoration. 1180rmb, and totally worth it.

Bruceshop is To Be Continued


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