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Enter the Bruce Lee Megastore – Bruce Lee Fashion

Look Like Bruce Lee

The Bruce Lee magic extends beyond fist and philosophy. He was also a fashionable mofo. And Bruceshop rises to the challenge, capturing his unique look with his signature outfits. That starts with this killer piece – the yello Bruce Lee kung fu jumpsuit. This one-piece is 178rmb And everything here can be made custom made for a small additional charge (like 10rmb)

Even if you are not familiar with Bruce Lee, you may recognize the outfit. It is the Kill Bill special. Oh man it is so badass. You see those shoes Uma Therming is wearing? Yeah they got those too, for 222rmb in sizes up to 45.

The Two-piece Option

…is probably a stronger choice if you are looking to wear it street style. (Society continues to look unfavorably on one-piece jumpsuit fashions.) Maybe you need both – one for combat and one for cocktails.

Deep into Bruce’s Wardrobe

Bruceshop could have stopped there, content that they had delivered on Bruce Lee’s fashion legacy. But they forged on, digging through the archives and creating replicas of nearly every piece of clothing the man was ever photographed in. None of them are more than 200rmb.

That last one is my top choice. Although I am uncertain of the performance of my chest in this outfit, I am going to forge ahead like a fashion rebel.

Custom Bruce Lee Ninja outfits

In Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee put on his ninja outfit and stuck into the evil guy’s fortress, discovering his nasty plans in the process. Eventually he got captured and immediately sat down to meditate (as shown below). You can get yourself a custom-fitted ninja suit complete with black shoulder bag for weapons and stuff. Highly recommended.

Bruce Lee Gold Pendant Necklace

If you are going for the Bruce Lee look and really need to get it just right, then you can’t go wrong with this piece. It supposedly was the original gold necklace worn by the man himself. 220000rmb.

Bruceshop has yet more to offer. Stay tuned.

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