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Emulation Stations: Game Consoles with Classic Video Games

Disclaimer: While we don’t like to get too preachy about the legal/moral implications of these copyright issues, remember that if you really have an itch to play some of these old games, you can find them on the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console for cheap. Buy officially licensed stuff: you’re worth it!

A white-hot trademark supernova

Super Mario, Contra, Space Invaders.  And just about every other old NES game you remember, housed in a PSP-like shell.  The PVP is a crazy little handheld videogame device for playing old school video games on an emulator.  This one boasts 2500 games on one cart- a classic game clean sweep.

Portable or TV-connected

Every day, I play a game on my commute home from work. And every day, my commute is finished before the game is.  These guys have a crystal ball into this scenario, and have built a TV out from the PVP device, so players can finish the rest of the level with big-screen comfort.

Emulated video games take a wide variety of forms on Taobao. You can get your games in a Game Boy Advanced shell, or a retro Japanese Famicom-like shell. If you don’t mind hardware copycats but despise software emulation, you can find some examples of those too.

The PVP Game System ~140rmb

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