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I Go Deep Undercover for The Terror Drome

So Deep

It all started when these grainy images surfaced on Taobao.


“It’s the new Storm Shadow,” they told me. “Top secret prototypes.” I couldn’t believe it, but it had to be true. “Whatever it is, we have to go in and verify these details. This is too dangerous to ignore.”

It was bad news. “You don’t mean…”

“That’s right,” said the Hiss Commander. “You have to go undercover.” 

The Plan was Suicide

I would have to go deep into enemy territory to get answers. The Hiss Commander pointed at a spot on the map. “You start here, where the images were first discovered.”


It looked like an impenetrable fortress. “How big is the team?” I asked. 

“You’re it,” said the Hiss Commander. “We will send a gunner in with you to help pilot the boat, but you go in alone.” Going in from the water was suicide, but the Commander let me know with his menacing gaze that it was non-negotiable.  “Don’t mess this one up,” he added, slapping me on the back.

So So Deep

We set off in the boat, just the two of us. The gunner didn’t speak. I would be dead in a matter of hours anyways, so what’s the use in making friends? The boat itself was one of the worst in our arsenal. Noisy and unreliable. Not ideal for a supposedly stealth mission like this.


“Are you clear about the extraction point?” I yelled back over the sound of the motor. The gunner just looked at me, and back at the open water. “Two clicks south of the …” I cut myself off. He was not going to bother going to the extraction point. This was a one-way mission and everybody knew it.


We saw them in the distance and immediately killed the motor to stop the noise. I was sure they had heard us already. Behind me, I heard the gunner preparing to engage. 


We were both quiet, and as our motor’s roar faded from our ears, we heard another sound. It sounded like chainsaws in the distance, or some huge machine. Maybe it had covered the sound of our approach.

Impossibly, the enemy boat drifted past without incident. “They didn’t hear us,” I breathed a sigh of relief, looking back at my gunner. His hands were held tight, ready to pull the trigger. 

“You get out here.” It was the only thing he said.

So Very Deep

The swampy water provided good cover, but also slowed my progress. I swam for at least an hour before I saw the base perimeter.  I slipped by two more passing patrol boats without incident before coming up near the shore.


Observing from the safety of the water, I formulated a plan. The base was heavily defended, but the bridge leading out was not. I would only have to wait for my target to emerge. 

The Stakeout


I waited, and waited, and waited for the target to appear.


My feet sank into the swamp floor, and I had to keep moving to be sure I would not be stuck when he finally appeared.


Then, he finally appeared. And i pounced.



The struggle was brief, and I soon had him pinned. Time to get answers. 


Me: Who is he!

Him: I don’t know!

Me: You know! Tell me!

Him: Alright, alright! It’s Storm Shadow! 

Me: How did you get him?

Him: We all have our… channels….

That was all I needed to hear. I hit him in the head and pushed him off the bridge to the crocs waiting below. 

“See ya later, alligator.”

To be continued…?

Top Secret Prototype GI Joe Figures on Taobao – 500rmb

Big thanks to the Terror Drome and their badass collection of GI Joe action shots. Photo credits to Trench-Viper, Darklon, ThinkTank, Scarrviper and quozl, via JoeDios.com 

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