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Collar Stays are Serious Business

collar-stays2Style points

I pick up a GQ magazine once a year, and they thoroughly convince me that my life will be incomplete until I buy a wooden ‘shoe tree’ to preserve the shape of my shoes. But once I think about it for a minute, I decide that the any added style points from my well-shaped shoes would immediately be negated by the fact that I possess such things as a ‘shoe tree.’

Curing curly collars

These little guys, on the other hand, are extremely functional and cool. If you have curly collars, or even if you don’t, these collar stays would be an excellent purchase. 

Pointed to perfection

Men’s accessories, especially secret metal accessories, can be very satisfying things. Get yourself some metal and people will know that you mean serious business. At the very least, you will know that you mean serious business. Collar Stays – 60rmb

Collar Stays – 袖钉衬

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