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Whole Roasted Coffee From Yunnan

The New Blend

Starbucks has just recently started offering coffee from China’s southwestern province of Yunnan. The new blend is currently offered only in Starbuck’s mainland China outlets, but Starbucks has confirmed that it could expand to other countries. Word on the street is that the President of Starbucks China wants to make China’s coffee as well-known as China’s tea.

Yunnan coffee is delicous. But for the price of a Starbucks latte, you can buy whole-bean coffee fresh from the farm. And your money will go directly to China’s coffee growers in the mountains of Yunnan Province.

Buying Coffee Online in China

Photo credit: Jeff Kubina

Here is a good seller that ships directly from Yunnan. Yunnan Coffee Beans.

Yunnan’s environment is well-suited to growing coffee. Yunnan’s temperate climate, height above sea level and general geographical situation make the growing conditions comparable with both Indonesia and Colombia. You’ll enjoy it.

If you are searching Taobao for yourself, be careful not to buy raw (unroasted) beans! If the product description says 生豆 shengdou, then the seller is offering raw beans. Look for 烘焙 hongbei to ensure that the beans are roasted and ready to grind.

Coffee Accessories on Taobao

If you are just getting started with whole beans, you will need to get a coffee bean grinder as well. Search for 电动磨豆机 You should be able to find a good one for around Y90.

Electric coffee grinder – about 90rmb

Yunnan Coffee or Yunnan Espresso?

You also need a coffee or espresso maker. In this case, you have some options, with coffee makers available for around Y120, and espresso makers starting at around Y500 (and ranging up to Y32,000, ouch!).

Coffee machine – 120rmb

Espresso machine – 800rmb

Single-shot espresso machine – 500rmb

What do you think – have you tried Yunnan coffee? How do you think it stacks up to other regions?

Yunnan Cofee Beans: 云南 咖啡豆


  • elias said:

    nice website! so can you get ground beans also? i am looking to buy a drip coffee maker, how much do you think i need to pay for a decent one?

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Hey there Elias,

    Ground coffee beans are also available. Maybe this guy.

    Coffee makers are plentiful. About 100rmb should be good. Start from the link above. As long as you are getting a coffee maker, you should pick up a grinder too. These things are good.

  • elias said:

    hello TFG! just received my coffee grinder! appears to work great. for some reason, they also included a full tea set; is this normal?

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