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Classic Board Games are Cheap on Taobao!

If you are going to spread the joy of board games to your Chinese friends, as I suggested in an earlier post, you should be sure to let them check out the classics.


In fact, your Chinese friends might already be aware of Monopoly. You can find Monopoly game boards all over China for very low prices. Here is a cheap Chinese-language Monopoly board for just 14rmb. Playing in Chinese should not be too difficult, since you are probably already well familiar with the rules. It may even provide you with a great chance to learn some new Chinese words.

But the Chinese location names do feel a little bland in the Chinese edition.  So you may also want to consider this rad Nintendo-themed Monopoly board, which is a nice upgrade at only 22rmb. (Update: I can’t find it now! But there are a ton of other Monopoly variations to be found here.)(Second update – found it! Thanks to commenter uHeaven)



At the very least, you should pick yourself up a deck of UNO cards. Chinese people should already be familiar with UNO and it is a great alternative to the super-boring 80-fen card games which seem to be the Chinese default. Or try this exciting UNO / Jenga mashup for less than 40rmb.


Serious Uno

If you are serious about getting your UNO skills in order, you will want 400g-weight cards. That’s what all the pros use. And if you show up at a tournament with some tiny little 300g cards, you are gonna get seriously clowned. So don’t even step with that lightweight stuff. Check this guy out for the real skinny on fat UNO decks.


Good for home. Good for gift.

No reason not to buy a couple to stash around the house for a quiet little Friday night at home with friends, or to use as an emergency birthday gift. Now, can anybody find some reasonable dominos on Taobao? You know, the good ones. With the ball bearings.

Dominos – 多米诺


  • Micah Sittig said:

    My favorite variation is Speed Uno, which really messes with your mind. Think, you are allowed to play your card before the person before you, effectively skipping their turn.

    Thanks for the tip on 400g cards, had no idea about that.

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Speed Uno?! Wow – Yeah I imagine that the quick-draw action needed to play that fast would mean tearing a few cards. Best to stock up on the heavy 400g-weight to avoid such problems.

  • uHeaven said:

    The link to the Nintendo Monopoly Set points to an image…

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Thanks for the heads up. I totally can’t find it now! If anyone can use their Taobao search skills to track it down, please post a link.

  • uHeaven said:

    Found It..! This guy is selling the Nintendo one and some others, too!

  • Atratus said:

    That’s more Blade Runner than Star Wars.

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