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Chinese Brand Rain Boots for Girls

Rain boots are totally fashion

I’m a speed walker. Got these long legs that help me fly past most Chinese pedestrians. That means I gotta make my own walking lanes to avoid getting stuck behind the masses. But on rainy days, I pay a price for my speed. In particular, there’s always this one sidewalk panel that, when stepped on, kicks water up on my shoes. 

That’s why I’m gonna pick up some of these rain boots. Not only will I be impervious to rogue sidewalk panels, I’ll also be able to go right through deep puddles, as my fellow pedestrians line up to use the high ground. 


M.assolato’s ‘Slippery When Wet’ Boots – 188rmb

Girls got all the good ones

As usual, the girls dominate the market, with thousands of different jealousy-inspiring styles. I’m pretty liberal when it comes to stealing girl fashion, but you can really only do that with a few things: sunglasses,  cute panties, etc…  My big feet are not likely to squeeze into a pair of these.

But let’s take a look anyways. If there are any girl readers out there (and I doubt it) pay attention – this is one of the few Field Guides for you!


Mazzolato means “beaten to death” in Italian. But “M.assolato” is a super cute brand of Chinese rainboots. 


M.assolato’s Grey/Orange Tree Boots – 259rmb



M.assolato’s Union Jack Rain Boots – 188rmb


Joycorn is another good choice. It means “happy corn.”


Joycorn Plaid Rain Boots – 238rmb


Joycorn has nice models. 


Joycorn Plaid Rain Boots – 128rmb

Okay, now I’m in my refractory period, and all out of writing energy. Better quit before I develop a full-on fetish. Next time, we go deep undercover in the dangerous world of cute girl panties! Oww!


  • Laura said:


    I’ve been looking for a pair of fancy rain boots for ages!! A perfect excuse for dancing around in puddles!

  • laobanniang said:

    OMG!! Finally some good taste girl showing up on this website!! I was starting to believe there’re only male readers here…. >very excited handshakes from laobanniang<

  • Anonymous said:

    well, i got the rainboots from taobao and they are fantastic. I’m going to wear them tomorrow as a plan B if the forecast is right and it rains through the eclipse..

    handshakes back to you laobanning!

  • laura said:

    i got the rain boots and some eclipse glasses recommended on here so i can watch the eclipse or if it rains like the forecast is saying i can sing and dance instead!

    handshakes back to you laobanning! 😉

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