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China’s Nunchuck Fight Club


You are looking at the Changzhou Nunchuck Fight Club. Take a good look, and be thankful that you are seperated by time and space. If you weren’t, this might be the last thing you ever saw.

That bad mofo in the middle? He’s the leader.


He looks like he is straight off the set of a John Woo film. He has been training for over a decade, and has the scars to prove it.  Check out a video of him in action.

Just 1 Rope and 2 Sticks

That’s what this badass decided to call his Taobao shop (1绳2棍而已).  He crafts his own weapons. The nunchuck equivalent of Hanzo Steel. They can be customized to your height and arm length, which is perfect for us foreign people, who are more likely to have different proportions.


Get your nunchuck skills in order

I haven’t done any research, but I can only assume by the above picture that Changzhou is overrun by street gangs all devoted to their weapon of choice. The Tonfa gang.  The Bo Staff gang,  The chick gang, all equipped with stainless steel kung fu fans. If you stand a chance of survival in Changzhou, you had better possie up with the right crew.

If you got the right stuff to join the Nunchaku Gang, he will take you under his wing and teach you the ways of Jeet Kune Do – the martial art developed by Bruce Lee. Bring 300rmb and leave your shirt at home.

Nunchuck Lessons – 300rmb

Custom-made Nunchucks – from 50rmb to 150rmb


  • Max Hing said:

    Where do I join?

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Me and my homeboy have a trip out to Changzhou planned. Seems like an excellent excuse to have an excursion out to an otherwise uninteresting location. Max, if you’re down, lets schedule a lesson.

    But be forewarned. At the end… a duel to the death.

  • juey said:

    What model are the top glasses? Cheers

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