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China’s Bill Clinton Branded Products

Bill Clinton = James Bond

Bill Clinton just recently dropped into North Korea and pulled some James Bond shit, rescuing those two reporters from prison. Instead of going in secret-agent style, Clinton pulled it off with a handshake. It was a super badass move that got me thinking about Clinton, and the esteem he has in the eyes of the various Asian populations.

What is China’s impression of Bill Clinton?

Taobao is a pretty good indicator of China’s popular opinion. Searching Clinton 克林顿 in Taobao comes up with two types of products: the ex-President’s autobiography, and condoms.

clinton condoms clinton book

These condoms first broke on the scene in 2005, and are still a popular brand in China. Although they have some stiff competition from 007-brand condoms.

james bond condoms

That pretty much settles it. China’s impression of Bill Clinton is like a super-action Casanova James Bond.

Other Presidential Legacies on Taobao

So what do China’s Taobao users think of other recent US Presidents? Let’s type their Chinese names into Taobao and see what comes up.

China calls Crocs “Bush’s shoes”

When you type in the Chinese name of George Bush 布什 into Taobao, you get Crocs.

bush's shoes

Thousands of Crocs. They call Crocs “Bush’s Shoes” because of this photo:

bush wears crocs too

Obama Brand Diamonds

We reported on Obama’s 奥巴马 presence on Taobao a couple times before. Since then, a jeweler has adopted the Obama name to represent the classiest of items: diamonds.

obama brand diamonds in china

To Recap:

Clinton is a brand of condoms

Bond is also a brand of condoms

Crocs are called “Bush’s shoes”

Obama is a brand of diamonds

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