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China’s Call of Duty fans gear up in Ghost’s tactical jacket

The Video Game Juggernaut Comes to China

Call of Duty, the current king of video games, has just shown the next iteration in the series: Modern Warfare 3.  It also has been announced that Call of Duty would soon make its official debut in China with subscription plans estimated to earn $100m in its first year.

China already loves Call of Duty, and here is proof.  This Taobao shop creates replicas of Call of Duty’s ‘Task Force 141’ tactical jacket, as popularized by the character named Ghost.  Very similar to the way that the Bruce Lee’s megashop creates homage clothing.  These Modern Warfare fans have recreated Ghost’s outfit with a wide variety of sizes and options. Cotton-or down-filled, in a variety of sizes, or even custom made. Because when you zipline into a terrorist-filled oil rig, you can’t risk getting snared up.

Every task force should have one hot chick.

From now on, everything I buy will be tactical

A while back I announced that I was going to start using exclusively tactical products.  If you tour my apartment, which is in the upper deck of a Russian submarine, you will find tactical dining tables (made to kick over in case of gunfights) , tactical dinnerware (throwing knives only),  and tactical Snoopy throw pillows (love Snoopy!).  Of course, I don’t invite many guests.

How do you know if something is tactical or not? Having patches is a good clue.

Custom Call of Duty-inspired tactical jackets are a special treat only afforded to us by the magic of Taobao. Enjoy it!

Task Force 141 Jacket 255-355rmb

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