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China is Noisy – Buy Earplugs

Noise violations


Every time I hear the painful metal screeeeeee of a bicycle with bad brakes, I start to wonder how the person riding the bike can stand hearing that sound every time they stop

Well, unless you hit the streets with a bicycle brake kit and start offering free repairs, the plague of screechy bikes is likely to continue. As will CNY fireworks, cranked up intercom systems, and jackhammers. Endless jackhammers. If you don’t protect your ears, you could go insane. 

Fluffy foam protection

Get yourself a big handful of these foam earplugs. Don’t just get one pair, get a dozen pair and spread them out. In your bag, at your desk, near your bed. Annoying sounds can attack at any time, and only the best-prepared among us will survive with our sanity intact. Earplugs on Taobao should cost you a few kuai per pair.

Earplugs – 隔音耳塞


  • lisa said:

    wonderful post! i always thought about keeping a can of WD-40 on me and assaulting said screeching bikes with some lubricant!!!! Imagine the surprise on those bikers faces! maybe I’ll buy some WD-40 on taobao and a black face mask to mask my identity and become a rogue screech assaulting public menace. or just buy some earplugs….

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    That’s a great idea. You definitely need the right face mask to send a friendly message. Suggest this one.

    Then you will want to use genuine authentic American imported WD-40. Otherwise all your hard work might start squeaking again after only a few red lights.

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