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Charge Your iPod with Sunshine

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Ghandi said that. Or maybe Oprah. Well, I’m more realistic. I say: buy the change you wish to see. And this seems like as good a place to start as any: solar chargers.



All these solar chargers will work for any small device: MP3 players, mobile phones and the like. And they come with common connectors.

Basic Black – 169rmb

solar charger black



My friend has one of these cheap little knock-off iPods. They have trouble holding a charge, so this booster is probably a good idea.

Tiny Device Charger – 28rmb

cheap ipod solar charger



Or cut out the middleman and go for a solar-and-MP3 in one unit.

Solar powered MP3 player – 213rmb

solar mp3



Carrying two mobile phones lets everyone know that you are a serious individual. Choose this charger shaped like a mobile phone and give a powerful impression.

i1300s – 99rmb

solar charger looks like mobile phone

Looking for another style? Check Taobao’s full selection.


  • Swiss James said:

    I can’t work out what the specs are on the solar MP3 player, how much storage etc.

    Cool idea though.

  • The Field Guide (author) said:

    Hey you are right. That one looks pretty janky anyways – like the radio that Reader’s Digest sent my Gramma when she renewed her subscription in 1987.

    Check this one out, tho. It is 2GB and looks rad.

    Awesome Solar MP3

    You can find them for about 169rmb.

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