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Celebrate the National Holiday with Chinese Flags

It is Guo Qing Jie!

Once again, the week-long October National Holiday is upon us, and I have failed to plan any vacation. But CCTV has done a great job of taking me on a virtual trip to Beijing, to see the massive 60th-anniversary celebrations being held there.

I sit by the TV on the edge of my seat, waving my mini China flag.

kids with chinese flags

Those kids look just like I feel!

Where are all these flags coming from?

This Chinese Ayi is great.  She is holding up a flag that she has just made – you can see her workbench in front of her. And she is just super happy. I feel like we could hang out, me and her.

ayi with a flag

And of course, I have my commemorative 60th anniversary shoes on. (They were only 60rmb and come in sizes all the way up to 45.)

china 60th anniversary shoes

Big flags are best

If you are considering buying a flag, my recommendation for you is to go big.

china flag factory

You can get a 1号, which is 2 meters by 3 meters for about 200rmb. That will cover an entire wall and will make a formidable impression. Aim your ceiling lights at it, and give the room a warm red glow.

Big flags make a great room decoration, and a great gift. Buy a few now, and pack them away to give to your friends next time you go back home. They will like it better than a wall scroll.

Flags for the China National Holiday

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