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Buy Weibo Fans on Taobao

I’ve been using Weibo pretty hardcore recently, using it to improve my Chinese. What I have learned it that it is pretty important to be hong (红, popular). Then I learned that you could buy Weibo followers on Taobao.

As with most virtual goods on Taobao, using images of cute girls is the most popular way to advertise.

Real quality fans

Most of the listings boast real quality fans – ones who are verified with a real identity, and who may repost your Weibos or comment back to you.

The dwindling price of Fans

When I went poking around on this story, I discovered that this story has been around since at least mid 2010. China Internet Watch reported that ” with less than 3,000 yuan (USD 440), you can get tens of thousands of fans.”  Today 10000 fans cost about 20 yuan.

Image from China Internet Watch in 2010.  You can see that in 2010, 10 followers cost 1rmb. Today 1rmb buys 500 followers. The only problem with that is that it is not exactly subtle.  For my modest 40 fans to increase by 10x overnight may arouse some suspicion among those original followers. And if it was discovered that I  artificially inflated my hong… that would be too embarrassing to bear, wouldn’t it?

Weibo followers – 1rmb for 500

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